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Project created during my senior year at Parsons School of Design.

Feel Better is an interface designed to explore the concept of color emotion and how it might benefit mental health when applied to interactive technology. Color emotion is a relatively recent concept from psychology that defines the emotional experience of a person in reaction to experiencing color. Though the effect varies on an individual basis, the phenomenon of color emotion is generally known even without a name. For example, we all know what it means to feel blue.

There isn’t a definitive explanation for why colors and emotions impact one another— but I believe this impact can be used to help people, especially those who struggle with emotions and mental health. I designed Feel Better to guide users on their journey towards conscious, healthy emotional processing by creating a safe space for them to pause and reflect on their emotional state. 

Feel Better collects emotion related data from its users and generates colorful abstract animations from that data— using the idea of color emotion in such a way that the user can interact directly with their feelings. It illustrates emotions that might have been unconsciously ignored, and keeps track of emotional patterns for people that might have a hard time doing so on their own. 
The main goal of my thesis has been to emphasize the importance of human emotion and the practice of feeling our feelings. To urge people to take time and reflect, despite how fast paced our lives can be. Feel Better is the tool to help. 

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